ProMinnow Swimbaits

I’ve had great success fishing with ProMinnow Swimbaits I’ve caught a lot of big fish on this soft plastic bait.

bluegizzard_5I’m using a 3.5 or 5 inch swimbait in the shad color patterns. I rig the bait with a ProSwimbaits Fish Head Hook in the 1/4 to 1 ounce size. ProSwimbaits sell this Fish Head Hook with two in a package.

Cast the swimbait on top of points or underwater humps, then swim it back down the drop-off. Once the bait heads down the drop-off, make contact with the bottom every few feet all the way back to the boat.

When I see big fish on the locator I’ll use a vertical jigging presentation with the bait directly below the boat. I usually rip the bait about two to four feet off the bottom and let it fall back down on a semi-slack line, maintaining control of the bait all the time. At times I’ve caught fish swimming the bait in mid-depths where baitfish are suspended. I count down the depth (approximately 1.5 feet per second) then use a steady or fast retrieve with my rod tip in the eleven o’clock position.

I'm using baitcasting equipment to fish the ProMinnow Swimbaits. My rod is a seven-foot meduim heavy action model with a baitcasting reel spooled with 15 or 20 pound test  fluorocarbon line.